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This page contains questions frequently asked on the Wicked Edge forum as well as answers people have given.


Q: The sharpening angle on one side of the blade is different from the other side. Or: how do I clamp a knife horizontally?

A: If you are just concerned with sharpness, it does not matter if the sharpening angle on one side of the blade is a bit different from that on the other side. However, for aesthetic purposes or in order for the sharpening to be repeatable, it may matter.

You need to mount the knife horizontally in the vise. If you have trouble mounting a fully flat ground (FFG) blade horizontally, use a piece of chamois or foam tape to clamp the blade.

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Q: I’ve got a narrow knife. When I try to sharpen this knife, a stone hits the top of the vise or the top screw in the vise

A: Try to sharpen the knife at a higher angle. Alternatively, try to clamp the knife higher in the clamp. To mount the knife horizontally, put the height key in the top holes and use one or more matches to raise the knife.

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Q: How do I sharpen a Japanese knife, single-bevel knife, yanagiba or deba?

A: Some tips:

  • Don't use coarse stones in order to prevent chipping during sharpening
  • Consider a microbevel on a steep edge
  • Use waterstones to enhance the kazumi haze
  • Don't sharpen the "other" side of a single-beveled blade. Just move this side (nearly) horizontally over a fine stone to remove the burr after sharpening the beveled side on the WEPS.

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