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[ Field and Sport Model]
[ Field and Sport Model]
[[Wicked Edge Forum Links]]
[ Wicked Edge Videos]
[ Wicked Edge Videos]

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Index to the Wicked Edge Wiki

Wicked Edge Sharpener: New User Information

Abrasives: Type and Use

Glossary of Sharpening Terms

Stones and Strops

Testing for Sharpness

Theories of Sharpening

Types of Steel

Field and Sport Model

Wicked Edge Forum Links

Wicked Edge Videos

My goal for the Wiki is simple - to create a place where our community can build a resource that is a rich source of information on everything knife, and giving some of our best conversations a home there is a really good fit. I eventually want to have a big knife and sharpening glossary, a steel database and as many articles geared toward sharpening as we can manage.

Quote from Clay, Owner of the Wicked Edge

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