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Index to the Wicked Edge Wiki

- Wicked Edge New User Info

- Abrasives Type and Use

-- Use of Waterstones by Philip Pasteur

- Glossary of Sharpening Terms

- Stones and Strops

- Testing for Sharpness

- Theories of Sharpening

- Types of Steel

- Wicked Edge Field and Sport Model

- Wicked Edge Forum Links

- Wicked Edge Videos

My goal for the Wiki is simple - to create a place where our community can build a resource that is a rich source of information on everything knife, and giving some of our best conversations a home there is a really good fit. I eventually want to have a big knife and sharpening glossary, a steel database and as many articles geared toward sharpening as we can manage.

Quote from Clay, Owner of the Wicked Edge

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