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== Sharpening below 20 degrees on the F&S Model ==
== Sharpening below 20 degrees on the F&S Model ==

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Video demonstration of the Field and Sport Model

A video of Clay Allison, owner of Wicked Edge demonstrating the Field and Sport model:


Sharpening below 20 degrees on the F&S Model

Here is a response from forum member WayneReimer, to a question about sharpening below 20 degrees on the Field and Sport Model...

A couple of suggestions to offer since I've done about 100 knives on the Field and Sport so far, including quite a few at 20 degrees. First of all, make sure you actually NEED 20 degrees. There are a lot more edges at 22 than 20 in my experience, including several that are actually published with specs showing 20, when they're actually closer to 22.

There are VERY few knives that won't sharpen at 20 degrees. In my experience so far, that's the cut-off angle; anything below that is dependant on the blade width, but at 20, if you make CERTAIN that you are never trying to sharpen with the bottom bolt extended into the vise too far.

Back out both bolts until they are inside the vise frame. Position your knife properly against the ledge in the top of the vise...VERY important. Then tighten the top bolt onto the knife until the knife is held firmly by the top bolt tension only. DON'T over tighten, but tighten it firmly. you should not be able to move the blade by bumping it. THEN, tighten the bottom bolt in. Again, don't reef on it with both hands; remember the knife is already held in place with the upper bolt.

The blade positioning is important with the F&S, and the bolt issue is big. Another work around based on your photo, try sharpening one side of the blade on the clean side of the vise ( the movable side), then turn the knife in the vise and sharpen the other side.

I hope some of that helps!


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