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Here are some links to recommended reading for anyone now using or considering buying the WE Precision Sharpening System. I am going to just post a few good links for now with a concise description. Hopefully, as a group, we can work on categorizing them so they might make sense to people and be easy to find based on a particular topic of interest.

Sharpening Progressions from Tom Blodget on his Jende Industries BLOG

The first is a progression with photos using the WEPS diamond plates and superfine ceramic stones:


The Second is a progression that starts with the WEPS diamond plates and continues through the range of Chosera stones that are sold for the WEPS


The third link is to a progression starting with the WEPS diamond plates and continuing through a progression of Shapton PRO stones:


This is just for intial testing and to see how it turns out and hopefully add more as we go.

These three videos show the use of Chosera Stones built for and sold by Wicked Edge and the transition from diamond stones to water stones.




This is a grit chart showing the progression of stones according to abrasive description or grit...


And here is another grit chart: The Grand Unified Grit Chart! Done by Komitadjie, a member at the WEPS forum.


It is quite good as it has all of the WEPS, Chosera, Shapton, Edge Pro, 3M, and sandpaper grits (with much more) in one place. It is being updated regularly, so find the latest one to use.

A progression using stock stones at 800X on the new microscope:

Ascending Stone Progression at 800x


Here is an excellent thread on how the stops and compounds work with lots of micrographs for illustration.

A theory of how the WE diamond pastes work


Another stropping thread that talks about substrates and stropping compounds:

Thought on Hand Stropping with cheap compounds


It contains links to articles done by Ken Schwartz on compounds. Very good stuff.

More stropping material information

Non-diamond stropping compounds


How to keep your stones straight and true:

Maintaining Waterstones for use on the Wicked Edge


Another long thread with lots of photos and some real interesting results. The first post has many links to other threads as well.

Stock stone/strop progression (Lots of Pics!!)


There has been lots of discussion about grit size and end reults, Here is a link where our own Ken Schwartz takes part in a good discussion of the topic:


The HHT (Hanging Hair Test) and how to do it.


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