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My goal for the Wiki is simple - to create a place where our community can build a resource that is a rich source of information on everything knife, and giving some of our best conversations a home there is a really good fit. I eventually want to have a big knife and sharpening glossary, a steel database and as many articles geared toward sharpening as we can manage.

Quote from Clay, Owner of the Wicked Edge

With the above in mind, the guidelines for posting to the Wiki are simple:

  -  No Commercial Posts.
  -  Don't post copyrighted material without permission.
  -  Page title links should be a consistent format:  Wicked_Edge_WIki_ followed by a descriptive title of the page.
     Example:  Wicked_Edge_Wiki_Testing_for_Sharpness
      -  If you want a page created, and need help, or have an idea for a page, send a Message to cbwx34 in the forum.
  -  Do not erase another contributor's work.  If you don't agree with someone, hash it out somewhere else, come to a conclusion, 
      then post the result.  (The Wiki is not a forum, or a place to have a conversation.)
  -  Don't just post a link to something, include a description of what it is.

That's it for now!

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