Marinated BBQ Vegetables

Marinated BBQ Vegetables

Knife Prep Tips for Cutting Vegetables

Cutting vegetables can be a real challenge, even with a sharp knife. We've put together three tips on how to finish your knives to improve your cutting experience with different types of vegetables.

Tip #1


Tough skinned veggies like tomatoes, peppers and zuchinni are easier to cut if your knife has a slightly toothy edge. We recommend finishing your knife somewhere between 1000-2200 grit. Slice or chop these foods or do a hybrid motion by chopping down and then sliding the knife either back or forward to finish the cut.

Tip #2


Soft foods like mushrooms are easiest to cut when your knife has a very shallow angle. Try something around 15-16 degrees. A smooth slice cut works well on mushrooms.

Tip #3


Woody vegetables like asparagus are best cut by chopping and the knife performs best if it’s got a decent polish but can still do well if there are small micro-teeth left by a 1000-3000 grit finish.

Ready to test out that edge? It's the perfect time of year to do some outdoor cooking. We made this vegetable marinade from Nagi with Recipetineats and think it's tasty enough to share!

The kind of cutting board you use can help improve your knife's edge retention. Wooden, end grain cutting boards are more gentle on keen edges, helping them last longer. We found lots of beautiful and affordable end grain cutting boards here. If you're feeling creative you can make your own with instructions here.

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