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The Cam-Lock Vise with Tension Adjustment features the most sophisticated clamping technology from Wicked Edge.The jaws are free-floating and self-centering which make them ideal for clamping fully-flat-ground blades. This vise also features a split jaw design, which allow the jaws to flex enough to grip distally-tapered blades. The tension adjustment allows you to add clamping tension for thinner knives.The Vise is fully enclosed to prevent diamond particles and metal shaving from damaging the cam. 

The Cam-Lock Vise is taller than other Wicked Edge Vises, so the 10" Guide Rods are included with this upgrade kit. 

The 11" Degree Bar is calibrated for the height of the Cam-Lock Vise

Included parts: 

  • Cam-Lock Vise with Tension Adjustment 
  • 10" Guide Rod (2ea)
  • 11" Degree Bar
  • 10-32 7/8" Socket Cap Screw