Cutting-Edge Knife Sharpening Technology for Your Chef Knife and Beyond

Chefs Knife Sharpener

A sharp knife is everything in your kitchen, but a razor-sharp edge can be difficult to achieve with more traditional sharpening methods. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners provides a patented knife sharpening technology unlike any other that can get you the edge you want.

Professional Knife Sharpeners for Professional and Home Chefs

You have choices when it comes to knife sharpening systems: whetstones, table-top sharpeners, knife sharpening companies. But Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners’ cutting-edge technology provides superior sharpening results with:

Traditional Knife Sharpeners

Wicked Edge Sharpeners


  • Make it difficult to achieve the correct and precise angle throughout the sharpening process  
  • Provide a tight hold on your knife throughout the entire process with a unique clamp
  • Maintain a perfect, and consistent, sharpening angle with rack-and-pinion gearing (available on our Professional Series)


  • Discourage repeatable motion
  • Make repeated motion simple with our gearing technology and dual diamond grit grinding stones


  • result in poor sharpness due to roughly-finished bevels from incorrect angles
  • Help achieve a well shaped cutting edge and ideal sharpness with grinding stones and consistent sharpening angles

Blade Wear 

  • Treat blades roughly and wear them down quickly  
  • Create as little wear as possible on blades with patented sharpening technology; blades last longer and are more durable 
  • Provide less control when it comes to angle and type of cutting edge
  • Provide precise control so you can achieve the desired cutting edge  

With a sharpening system from Wicked Edge, your knives will last longer and cut better!

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At Wicked Edge, we strive to provide repeatability, precision and durability for your knife whether you’re a home or professional chef. Our award-winning technology is so good, our sharpeners are used by the Culinary Institute of America. Contact us today for life-changing knife sharpening technology!

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