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Get the Razor-Sharp Edge to Your Knives You Want with Wicked Edge

Knife Sharpening Technology for Professional and Home Chefs

Chef KnivesSharpening your knives can be difficult whether you’re a professional chef or at-home cooking enthusiast. With award-winning, cutting-edge technology from Wicked Edge Precision Sharpening, you can easily achieve, and maintain, razor-sharp edges for the straight knives in your collection.

Wicked Edge versus Traditional Methods Sharpening Methods

Our knife sharpening system is the answer to the shortcomings of previous knife sharpening methods. Our sharpening systems include cutting-edge elements such as a tightly-gripping clamp, guide rods and diamond grit grinding stones that provide controlled, precise shaping. The rack-and-pinion gearing and angle-control hardware available on our Professional Series provides the perfect sharpening angle for any straight blade knife.

A knife sharpening system from Wicked Edge will be your in-house expert that will help your knives retain their sharpness. It will also preserve their blades for a sharper edge and better knife longevity than you’ve experienced before.

A Commitment to Excellence in Sharpening

At Wicked Edge, we are dedicated to excellence in knife sharpening and customer service. We also provide sharpening resources and services for knives for professional chefs and home chefs alike including our knife forum, knife database and knife sharpening academy.

At Wicked Edge, we want to help you achieve a sharper edge to your knife than you ever thought possible, and we’ll help you get there. Contact us today!

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