Superior Knife Sharpening for Restaurants from Wicked Edge

Your restaurant relies on sharp knives to turn out the best food possible all day, every day. No matter how you sharpen your knives, you aren’t getting the razor-sharp edge that a knife sharpening system from Wicked Edge Precisions Sharpeners can give you.

Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners: Expert Knife Sharpening for Your Restaurant

Do you outsource your restaurant’s knife sharpening due to lack of time, equipment or expertise? It might save time, but professional sharpening by power-driven equipment is made for speed and efficiency. When your knives are returned, they have roughly-finished bevels that result in poor sharpness and edge retention. And because this type of repeated sharpening quickly wears down knife blades, you must routinely purchase new knives.

Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners is a knife sharpening system for in-house use that uses ground-breaking, patented technology that will change your restaurant’s relationship with knife sharpening.


The innovative piston-driven clamp and rack-and-pinion gearing of our sharpening systems provide a perfect sharpening angle. Easy-to-work-with diamond grit grinding stones help you create a long-lasting, perfectly shaped and finished cutting edge without wearing down the blade.

The patented design aids in the perfect angle for every type of straight blade, and the simplicity of design puts the ability to sharpen a knife in the hands of everyone at your restaurant. You’ll save time, money and achieve a sharper edge for all of your knives than you ever thought possible.

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