Supercharge Your Field Dressing

Starting at $225.

Faster, easier field dressing.

Give your hunting knife a razor sharp edge before THIS YEAR'S hunt. and AGAIN before every hunt.

The Wicked Edge GO is a perfect addition to your hunting gear. The GO includes everything you need to achieve a quick and easy field dressing experience.

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Are your knives as ready as you are?

Fall is in the air and it's time to get your gear ready for the field. Sharpening a knife for field dressing so that it's as sharp as it can be and will last through the whole process is a tough, but crucial task. We've listed a couple sharpeners below that will guarantee that your knives are as sharp as they can be and will last through the whole process of field dressing your animal.

From One Generation to the Next

Wicked Edge sharpeners are built to last and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Like timeless rifles and knives passed down through the generations, you can expect to your sharpener to be part of your family's hunting experience for years to come.

Every Successful Hunt Ends with a Sharp Knife

The hunt isn't over once you've harvested your deer or elk. Field dressing with a dull knife turns the final stage of your harvest into a massive chore. Ensure your knife is ready to handle the job with ease, so you can get on back to camp quickly. Let the bragging begin!

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This is a portable option that includes a storage bag for the sharpener and abrasives.

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This is a stationary option that includes a heavy aluminum base.

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This stationary sharpener makes it fast and easy to set-up your knife for sharpening