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Wicked Edge: A Professional Knife Sharpener for Knife Enthusiasts

There’s nothing better than a knife with a wicked sharp edge. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners will help you get a professional, razor-sharp edge, every time. Knife sharpening is all about angle control. Our technology allows you to sharpen both sides of your knife at once, while maintaining a constant angle of your choosing. The angle settings are designed to be repeatable, so there is minimal metal removal during touch-ups. We use a nondestructive technology that is very gentle on your knives.

What is Wicked Edge?

Wicked Edge uses innovative sharpening technology to help knife enthusiasts achieve and maintain a spectacular edge on their knives. Whether you’re a new to the game or a sharpening expert, our award-winning, patented technology helps you quickly and easily produce a knife edge that is much sharper and better looking than the factory edge. Wicked Edge has a variety of Sharpeners and Pro-Packages, as well as a large assortment of accessories, stones, and strops that will allow you to achieve a mirror shine on your knife edge.

The Wicked Edge Difference: Patented Technology and Care in the Design

Knife Enthusiast Sharpener
  • The unique vise jawholds your knife steady throughout the sharpening process. This allows you to sharpen both sides of your knife at once, which makes knife sharpening very efficient. The vise is designed to allow for repeatable knife mounting, so set up time during touch-ups is extremely fast. You will have the ability to touch up your knife without reshaping your bevel, and without excess metal removal.
  • The innovative guide rods and stone holders provide precision angle control and easily repeatable movement. You will be able to set an angle of your choosing, and maintain that angle throughout the process, resulting in a perfectly shaped bevel and very fast sharpening.
  • Progressive diamond sharpening stones and strops make it simple to shape and finish the edge you want. Ceramic stones and Japanese Waterstones are also available.

At Wicked Edge, we believe in tools that will last, and exceed at the job they are meant for. Years of careful design work and testing has resulted in sharpening machines that you can trust. We are dedicated to providing the best sharpening machines and are constantly innovating to push the envelope of knife sharpening technology.

With a knife sharpener from Wicked Edge, you’ll have a sharpening system that will give you easily attainable and exceptionally sharp results. You will be able to sharpen almost any knife in your collection and keep them sharp without excess metal removal. The precision our sharpening systems provide will let you achieve an edge unlike any you’ve ever seen.

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Whether you’re sharpening a Strider, Hinderer, Chris Reeves, Emerson, Zero Tolerance, or any other great production and custom knife out there, a Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener is for you. Contact us today!

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