Knife Makers Overview

Wicked Edge: An Exceptional Knife Sharpener for Knife Makers

Knife Sharpening OverviewAs a knife maker, you rely on a knife sharpener to put the perfectly sharp finishing edge on your products. Yet many traditional knife sharpening methods such as powered belt systems won’t give you the razor-sharp edge you want.

But a sharpening system from Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpeners can.

Wicked Edge Sharpening Systems versus Other Sharpening Methods

Wicked Edge is a precise, easy-to-use sharpening system that is gentle on knives and helps you create a sharp edge every time. The chart below shows how powered belts, paper wheels and grinding wheels compare to the benefits of Wicked Edge.

Traditional Knife Sharpeners

Wicked Edge Sharpeners


  • Difficult to achieve and maintain the correct angle
  • Innovative technology grips and hold the knife steady
  • Provides a perfect and consistent sharpening angle (on our Professional Series)


  • Repeatability can be difficult when you have to continuously adjust the angle
  • Patented technology makes using dual stones quick, efficient and easily repeatable


  • Incorrect angle or poor sharpening capacity can result in roughly-finished bevels and poor sharpness
  • The consistent sharpening angles and dual diamond grit grinding stones result in a perfectly shaped and finished cutting edge

Blade Wear 

  • Traditional and commercial knife sharpeners treat blades roughly and wear them down quickly
  • Patented sharpening technology creates as little wear as possible on blades so they last longer

Ease of Use

  • Traditional knife sharpening methods can only be used successfully by the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals
  • Are easy to use with no special knowledge or previous sharpening experience needed


  • Less control
  • Because you control the grinding stones, not the knife, you have more control over the type and shape of the grind

A Wicked Edge sharpener makes sharpening knives fast and simple—it will become an invaluable tool!

See the Difference for Yourself with Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpeners

Precision, durability, repeatability: with Wicked Edge Precisions Knife Sharpener, you will have a sharpening method that will help you create exceptional products. Contact us today to take advantage of the cutting edge technology that Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners has to offer!

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