Law and Military

Professional Knife Sharpening System for Law Enforcement and Military

Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners serves the knife sharpening needs of military and law enforcement groups and individuals, as well as tactical enthusiasts. We have worked with many professionals in the military and law enforcement to ensure that our sharpening systems will excel at the job you need them to do.

When you are operating in the field you need your knives to be as sharp as possible, and remain sharp throughout any task. When you use the Wicked Edge Sharpener, you can create edges that are extremely sharp, durable, and that you can trust. Knife sharpening is all about angle control. The Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener lets you choose the angle settings and level of refinement that you need to sharpen any straight edge knife. Because the Wicked Edge sharpens both sides of a knife at once, at one constant angle, it will allow you to create an edge that is much more durable than edges created by other sharpening methods. In early 2014, we sent some knives off to CATRA - Cutlery Allied Trades Research Association, an independent research company, to have the edges tested. The tests revealed that the knife sharpened by the Wicked Edge was initially twice as sharp and retained its edge more than twice as long as the knife sharpened by another method.

What are Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners?

Wicked Edge sharpeners are knife sharpeners that use revolutionary, patented technology to quickly deliver an incredibly sharp edge to nearly all types of blades. They are easy to use and do not require any special experience or skills; they put the ability to sharpen a knife to a razor-sharp edge into everyone’s hands.

Wicked Edge Sharpeners: When You Need Your Knife Sharp

Our goal is to put knife sharpening into everyone’s hands so they have a sharp blade when and where they need it. We have a variety of knife sharpening packages, including:

  • Our Field and Sport Sharpeners; the portable versions of our sharpening systems. The clamp can attach to many types of surfaces so sharpening can be done anywhere, at any time.
  • Our Pro Packages combine a Wicked Edge Sharpening System with some great accessories.

We also have a variety of accessory stones, strops, and stropping compounds that you can add to your sharpening kit to help you achieve and maintain the sharpest blades possible. With our exceptional customer service, we’ll help you find the exact products you need.

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