Law and Military Knives

A Knife Sharpener for Razor-Sharp Blades for Law and Military

When you are a law enforcement officer or in the military, the lives of civilians and your fellow officers or soldiers may rely on the sharpness of your knife. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners puts achieving and maintaining a razor-sharp edge in your hands.

The Wicked Edge Difference

Traditional knife sharpening systems and equipment can be difficult to use and often require skills and expertise. Professional sharpening that uses power-driven equipment is made for speed and efficiency but can be hard on blades and can result in poor sharpness.

Wicked Edge knife sharpeners meet theneeds of law enforcement and military with innovative patented technology that consistently delivers a sharp edge. Wicked Edge sharpeners are engineered to be fast and simple to use; you don’t have to have special knowledge or skills to achieve success.

Patented Technology You Can Rely On

Two factors influence how sharp a knife can become: the quality of the steel and the sharpening technology. Wicked Edge knife sharpeners use patented technology to ensure the bevels of the knife blade meet to form a well shaped and finished cutting edge:

  • A knife clamp that grips and holds your knife steady.
  • An angle control system (on our Professional Series) that helps you achieve the perfect sharpening angle for different types of straight blades and steels.
  • Guide rods and angle control hardware that helps you control the diamond grit grinding stones.

Our products also include mounting options, accessory stones and strops and stropping compounds so you have everything you need to get the sharp blade you need.

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Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners puts professional-quality sharpening in your hands. Whether for a shop or field use, you can rely on your Wicked Edge system to help you or your team attain, and maintain, sharp blades. Contact us today!

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