Naniwa-Chosera Waterstones

Oops, the Naniwa-Chosera Waterstones are no longer available through Wicked Edge.

These stones were discontinued because they're a different thickness than all other Wicked Edge abrasives, and required a tricky and tedious angle adjustment. If you're looking for fine abrasives to create mirror edges we highly recommend Diamond Lapping Films.

These are the abrasives that we recommend to substitute each Chosera Waterstone:

Recommended Product

 Waterstone (No longer available)

400 Grit Diamond Stones
400 Grit
600 Grit Diamond Stones
600 Grit
800 Grit Diamond Stones
800 Grit
1000 Grit Diamond Stones
1000 Grit
9 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
2000 Grit
6 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
3000 Grit
3 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
5000 Grit
1.5 Micron Diamond Lapping Film
10,000 Grit