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Unparalleled Sharpening for Your Buck® Knife from Wicked Edge

Buck Knife SharpenersYou’re out all week hunting and finally have your animal. It’s dark, you’re tired, your adrenaline is gone. Now you have to field dress it with a dull knife. The solution? Sharpening your Buck Knife withWicked Edge Precisions Sharpeners.

Sharpening Your Buck Knife with Wicked Edge Sharpeners

You may think your Buck Knife can’t be sharpened, and if you have a pocket sharpener, that may be true. At Wicked Edge, our knife sharpeners are designed to meet the needs of deer hunters and outfitters and can be used by anyone.

We’ve developed innovative, patented technology that helps you tightly hold the perfect angle for sharpening your Buck Knife. You can more easily control the shape and sharpness of the blade because you control the grinding stones instead of the knife. And our sharpeners are portable, perfect for use at a base camp or at your vehicle.

Our products provide the repeatability and precision you need to get an incredibly sharp edge on your Buck Knife anytime, anywhere.

An Exceptional Knife Sharpener with Exceptional Customer Service

At Wicked Edge, we care about our customers and we want to help them get the most out of their knife sharpeners.Our kits tell you:

  • How to get the perfect sharpening angle for your Buck Knife.
  • How to achieve a perfectly shaped and finished cutting edge.
  • How to draw a burr.

Our site also includes resources including forums, demos, a knife sharpening academy and a knife database.

Whether you’re looking for a sharpener for good team support or a single sharpener for yourself, get a razor-sharp edge every time on a single, consistent piece of equipment with Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners. Contact us today!

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