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A Superiors Hunting Knife Sharpener from Wicked Edge

As an outdoorsman, you need to keep your hunting knife sharp and ready for use. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners is a quick, simple way to get your knives razor sharp, no matter your sharpening skill level.

Why Wicked Edge?

Wicked Edge sharpeners used patented, award-winning technology to enable you to quickly and easily sharpen your hunting knife whether you’re at home or out in the field. Our clamp and angle system work together to give you a perfect, and perfectly stable, angle. The guide rods provide for easy motion as you use the progressively finer diamond grit grinding stones until you get the cutting edge you want.

Our sharpeners give you the ability to achieve a long-lasting, extremely sharp edge that won’t let you down wherever you are.

Using Wicked Edge Sharpeners for Your Hunting Knife

We set out to design a hunting knife sharpener that can be used by anyone. Our kits include instructions on:

  • Getting the perfect angle for your particular knife and type of steel
  • How to achieve the bevel angle you want
  • How to sharpen your knife
  • How to draw a burr
  • How to finish the knife

We also provide resources such as demos, instructions, forums, a knife database and a knife sharpening academy - along with producing some of the best knife sharpeners around, our goal is to provide exceptional customer service. We want to help put successful knife sharpening into your hands.

The ability to get a razor-sharp edge on your hunting knife can be in your hands. The sharpener makes the difference - contact us today!

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