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The Best Knife Sharpener for the Job from Wicked Edge

Whether you’re outfitting, hunting or camping, you need your knives to be sharp. You can rely on Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners to be a fast, simple way to achieve, and maintain, an incredibly sharp edge on all of your straight blades.

Why Wicked Edge?

Wicked Edge sharpeners were designed by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen. We understand your needs (and frustrations) when it comes to sharpening knives. With Wicked Edge sharpeners, you get:

  • A controlled, precise sharpening angle that won’t slip
  • Grinding stones and a unique positioning system that negate the need to switch sides
  • A clamp to secure the sharpener to almost any surface
  • Quick and easy sharpening and touch-up capability wherever you are
  • Patented innovation that will help you achieve, and maintain, a razor-sharp edge to your knives

With our knife sharpeners, we have found the answers to the shortcomings of more traditional sharpening methods.

Wicked Edge in the Field

Our award-winning technology will revolutionize the relationship you have with your knives. Whether in the field or at home, you can quickly and easily sharpen knives, including:

  • Hunting knives
  • Buck knives
  • Pocket knives

And our Field and Sport series and Field and Sport Pro series make it easy to carry yourWicked Edge sharpener with you wherever you go.

A Knife Sharpener You Can Rely on to Help You Create the Best Edge

Whether you’re a knife sharpening novice or an old pro, Wicked Edge makes getting your straight blade extra sharp simple and quick. You can rely on our sharpeners like you rely on your knives. Contact us today to experience the Wicked Edge difference for yourself.

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