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A Cutting-Edge Sharpener for Your Pocket Knife from Wicked Edge

You carry around a pocket knife for a reason—you use it. For everything from opening letters to cutting apples to cutting or trimming wire, you need your pocket knife to be sharp. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpening is fast, simple solution for putting a razor-sharp edge on your pocket knife.

A Sharpener for All Knives

Outdoorsmen Pocket KnivesControlled angle sharpeners, sharpening stones, commercial sharpening services: they may all get your knife sharp, but won’t give it the durable, hair-splitting edge you really want. They are also very rough on knives, removing a lot of steel after only one sharpening.

Wicked Edge is a quick, easy sharpening method for all knives, no matter how big or how small and no matter your amount of sharpening experience.

Using the Wicked Edge Sharpener for Your Pocket Knife

Our goal is to provide you with technology that provides precision, repeatability and durability for an exceptionally sharp edge with every use. When you use a Wicked Edge sharpener:

  • Your knife is held securely by a specially-designed clamp; it won’t shift, move or fall while you sharpen.
  • Diamond grit stones mounted on innovative guide rods make repeated strokes simple to achieve.
  • You control the grit stones, not the knife, giving you more control over the shape of the blade.

We also provide resources such as demos, a knife database, forums and a knife sharpening academy to help you get the most out of your sharpener.

Contact Wicked Edge for an Exceptional Pocket Knife Sharpener

You use your pocket knife for everything; don’t compromise when it comes to a sharp blade. Contact us today for a pocket knife sharpener in your own home that gives you a perfectly shaped and finished cutting edge every time.

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