Compact Sharpener Options for a Large Assortment of Knife Types

The best option for a wide variety of knives is not any of our lightweight/compact sharpener options. If you'd like to look at the best options for a wide assortment of knives, click here. If having a knife sharpener that's very compact is extremely important to you, choose one of the below options.


Wicked Edge GO

The Wicked Edge GO Knife Sharpener is our most compact and lightweight sharpener. It was specifically designed to be broken down and stored easily in a cabinet or a drawer. It comes with a C-clamp for sharpening stability, so you can simply set it up to sharpen on your counter, table, or workbench.


The Wicked Edge GO has an angle range of 15 to 30 degrees per side, which will meet the sharpening requirements for most knives. The sharpener's knife clamp can open up to 1/4", so you can easily clamp your thicker blades.

Wicked Edge GO Deluxe Pack

The Wicked Edge GO Deluxe Pack includes the Wicked Edge GO sharpener, and it also includes a larger carrying/storage bag and two additional sets of abrasives: 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones and 5/3.5 Micron Leather Strops. With these additional abrasives, you will create truly spectacularly sharp edges on your knives.