Sharpeners for Knife Makers

As a knife maker, the most important factors to consider when choosing a sharpener are the types of knives you make and how frequently you produce knives. For small-shop knife makers, we recommend choosing a sharpener model that has more versatility in it's sharpening abilities, so you never run across a sharpening job that your sharpener can't handle. For larger knife making operations that make a lot of knives, and if there's not much variety in the types of knives being made, we recommend choosing a sharpener that's built for more convenience and speed.


Note: If your edge width is greater than 0.040", consider using powered equipment tp create your initial edge grind, and then give your customers the best edges possible by finishing your knives on a Wicked Edge.


These are the sharpener models we recommend for knife makers.


Precision Sharpener - WE130

Our overall top recommendation for knife makers is the Precision Sharpener - WE130. The WE130 has the widest angle range available for a Wicked Edge sharpener, which is 13-35 degrees per side. The sharpening angles can be off-set from one side of the knife to the other, so you can sharpen asymmetrical grinds if necessary. The WE130 also includes the Wicked Edge Cam-Lock Vise, which is operated with a single pull of a lever. The Cam-Lock Vise is designed specifically for clamping FFGs (fully-flat-ground) and blades with distal tapers, and is more convenient to use than the Standard Wicked Edge Vise.


If you make knives that are between 3/16" and 1/4" thick, you will need a separate set of jaws to clamp them. You can find them here: Generation 3 Jaws for 1/4" Blades. If you make blades that are thicker than 1/4", the sharpener model listed below (WE120) will be a better choice for you.


Precision Sharpener - WE120

The WE120 is also a very versatile sharpener. It has the exact same angle range and angle adjustment abilities as the WE130, making it a great choice for small-shop knife makers. The difference is the WE120 includes the Standard Wicked Edge Vise, which is operated with an Allen key instead of a lever. It's slower to take blades in and out of the sharpener, and not as ideal for clamping FFGs and distal tapers, but the Standard Vise does open up to 1/4" without needing a separate attachment, and can be opened wider than 1/4" by simply installing longer screws. If you're a small-shop knife maker on a budget, the WE120 is an excellent choice.


Generation 3 Pro

The Generation 3 Pro is one of Wicked Edge's fastest and most convenient to use sharpener models. It has the exact same knife clamping mechanism as the WE130, but it also includes a Rapid-Angle-Adjustment Mechanism which changes the angle on both sides of the knife simultaneously with the pull of a single lever. This makes it much faster to operate, but limits some of the sharpener's versatility. It has a more limited angle range of 14-27 degrees per side, and the angles can't be off-set to sharpen asymmetrical grinds. If you are a knife maker producing a high quantity of knives, without a lot of variety in the sharpening angles, the Generation 3 Pro is a great choice.


If you make knives that are thicker than 3/16", you will need a separate set of jaws to clamp them. You can find them here: Generation 3 Jaws for 1/4" Blades.