Sharpeners for Restaurants and Other Culinary Businesses

Most restaurants and other culinary businesses sharpen a lot of knives frequently, but there's not much variety in the types of knives that are used in day-to-day activities. For instance, you probably won't need a sharpener that's built for more versatility in its angle range, because the knives you will be sharpening will likely have similar sharpening angles that fall within a range of around 15 to 25 degrees per side. For this reason we recommend choosing a sharpener that's built for increased sharpening speed, so you can reduce your sharpening labor time and move on to your more important tasks like prepping food.


These are the sharpener models we recommend for culinary businesses.



Commercial Series Sharpener

Winner of the 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award Presented by the National Restaurant and Hotel/Motel Show, the Wicked Edge Commercial Series was designed specifically for restaurants. It's Wicked Edge's largest and most robust sharpener model, and includes storage space for stones inside the sharpener so all the parts can be kept together. The storage space has magnetic doors, which help protect the stones and other items stored inside.


The Commercial Series Sharpener includes a rapid-angle-adjustment mechanism, and it's knife clamping mechanism is operated with a lever. These features make it very convenient and fast to change out knives and re-set the sharpening angle.


Generation 3 Pro Sharpener

The Generation 3 Pro Sharpener is very similar to the Commercial Series. It has the exact same angle adjustment and knife clamping mechanisms as the Commercial Series, so it's equally as fast and convenient to use. The differences are the Generation 3 Pro is 10 pounds lighter, does not have doors to enclose the storage area, and the Generation 3 Pro has a slightly more limited angle range of 14-27 degrees per side, compared to the Commercial Series' range of 14-30 degrees per side. The Generation 3 Pro comes with a hard carrying case, which is great solution if you don't have a permanent sharpening station at your business. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, or would like the ability to pack the sharpener up and store it in a case, choose the Generation 3 Pro.