Sharpener Models for Sharpening Services

As the owner or employee of a sharpening service, you should now consider the types of knives you will cater your sharpening service towards, as well as identify how your sharpening service will be operated. There are three Wicked Edge models that best suit the needs of sharpening services.


Wicked Edge GO

The GO is Wicked Edge's most portable sharpener model, as well as it's most cost-friendly. If you're looking for a low-budget option to get your sharpening service started, or want the ability to easily transport your sharpener to different locations where you will be sharpening, the Wicked Edge GO is an excellent choice.


Precision Sharpener WE130

The Precision Sharpener WE130 is the best choice for sharpening services that will cater to a wide variety of knife types. As Wicked Edge's most versatile sharpener model, it has the knife clamping capabilities and angle range to tackle any sharpening task. If you will be sharpening a combination of kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, etc., choose the WE130.


The WE130 includes our Cam-Lock Vise, which is operated with a lever and is very fast and convenient to insert and remove knives from the sharpener. The Cam-Lock Vise will reduce your sharpening time on each knife you sharpen.


The WE130 sharpener has a Pro-Pack bundle option called the Pro-Pack III. It includes a large assortment of accessories and abrasives that will increase your sharpening versatility and provide you the ability to create finer edges.



Generation 3 Pro Sharpener

The Generation 3 Pro is faster and easier to use than the two sharpener models listed above, so you'll save time in sharpening each knife. It has a rapid-angle-adjustment mechanism that changes the angle on both sides of the knife simultaneously, so you can adjust the angle for each knife you sharpen very quickly. Though it's faster and easier to use than the WE130, it lacks some of the versatility that the WE130 has due to a more limited angle range. If your sharpening service focuses primarily on sharpening culinary knives, and you want to be able to sharpen them more quickly, this is the sharpener to choose.