Stow-able Sharpener Options for Kitchen Knives and Pocket Knives

As someone who's looking for a sharpener that can be easily packed up and put away, and you're going to be using your sharpener to sharpen a combination of kitchen knives and pocket knives, these are the best sharpener options for you. Any of the below options will make a great choice. When choosing an option, consider how frequently you plan to sharpen, as you'll want to choose a sharpener that's faster and more convenient to use if you plan to sharpen on a regular basis.


Precision Sharpener - WE130

If you have a large collection of knives, and some of your knives are less common, like cleavers, high-end Japanese cutlery, chisel-grind pocket knives, out-the-front automatics, or blades that are full-flat-ground and distally tapered (like a lot of Spyderco knives) the WE130 is the best choice. The WE130's Cam-Lock Vise is extremely convenient to use, and it's also better at clamping oddly shaped blades. The The WE130 sharpener is designed to be mounted to a base for stability.


The WE130 has a Pro-Pack option, which is called the Pro-Pack III. If you have a very large collection of pocket knives and kitchen knives, the Pro-Pack III may be a good option for you as it includes a great assortment of finer abrasives and also includes several attachments and adapters to make your kit even more versatile.


To keep your sharpener and all your abrasives packed up neatly and safely, we recommend adding the Hard Carrying / Rolling Case to your order. This is the only case available that's compatible with the WE130 sharpener.

Generation 3 Pro Sharpener

The Generation 3 Pro is one of our most convenient sharpener models. It's not quite as versatile as the WE130 sharpeners because it has a more limited angle range, but it's easier to operate and faster to use. If you have a large collection of knives, with not a lot a variety in the types of knives you'll be sharpening, or you plan to sharpen frequently for friends or family, this is a great option for you.


The Generation 3 Pro doesn't require the purchase of a separate base as it's base is built-on and also includes a storage area inside the sharpener for all your sharpening stones.


This sharpener comes with a hard carrying case which is already included in it's price, so you don't need to order one separately.


The Generation 3 Pro sharpener includes and extra set of abrasives, which are the 800/1000 grit diamond stones. They will produce very effective edges for both pocket knives and kitchen knives. If you would like to increase the level of sharpness on your edges, or create highly-polished edges, these items will make a great addition to your kit:


12" Guide Rods (only if you will be sharpening blades longer than 12"

Generation 3 Jaws for 1/4" Blades (if you have blades that are thicker than 3/16")


Precision Sharpener - WE120

The WE120 sharpener is an excellent choice if you're planning to sharpen your kitchen and pocket knives at home and you're on a budget. Pocket knives can sometimes require a wide range of sharpening angles, and the WE120 has a very versatile angle range to accommodate them.


The WE120 sharpener is designed to be mounted to a base for stability. There are two base options to choose from: Aluminum and Granite. If you're going to be moving your sharpener in and out of storage, the Aluminum option is likely a better choice for you, as the granite base is very heavy.


If you would like to bundle more sharpening abrasives with the WE120 to produce extremely fine edges, choose the Pro-Pack II. The Pro-Pack II is a bundle that includes the WE120 sharpener, diamond stones in six grits from 100 up to 1000 grit, very fine ceramic stones, a set of leather strops to finish your edges, and the Aluminum Base.


To keep your sharpener and all your abrasives packed up neatly and safely, we recommend adding the Hard Carrying Case to your order.