Wicked Edge Sharpener Selection Guide


Welcome to the Wicked Edge Sharpener Selection Guide!

This tool will help you decide which Wicked Edge sharpener model is right for you, based on your specific sharpening needs.


Before beginning, it's important to know that you can achieve the exact same results with any Wicked Edge sharpener model, provided you use the same abrasives to sharpen and finish each knife. All Wicked Edge sharpeners are made from very high-grade materials, they all have angle control in increments of 1-degree or less, with virtually no play in the components, so you can achieve very precise results. They all provide the ability to sharpen both sides of the knife without having the flip the knife over, making them the fastest manual sharpening machines available on the market. All Wicked Edge abrasives are compatible with all Wicked Edge sharpener models, so you can add to your kit to achieve astonishing results.


The main differences in various Wicked Edge sharpener models have to do with their portability, ease-of-use, and versatility in their sharpening capabilities. Though the types of knives you will be sharpening do play a role in the sharpener you choose, they are not the only factor that's important. The other factors to consider when choosing a sharpener is your need for portability and the quantity of knives you'll be sharpening.


To begin, start by letting us know if you will be sharpening knives for a business or for personal use.