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The 2017 Guide Rod Assembly includes L-brackets, 8" Guide Rods, and Ball-Joints. These Ball-Joints have broached, threaded studs which fit a 1/8" Allen Wrench. Use an Allen Wrench to thread the Ball-Joints closer to or farther from the sharpener's Vise to make micro-angle adjustments. Then use the Knurled Jam-Nut to lock the angle in place.This system is much smoother and easier to operate than the pre-2017 Hinge/Collar/Guide Rod System. 

Th is Degree Bar is calibrated for the 2017 Guide Rod assembly.

Included parts: 

  • 2017 Mini L-bracket (2ea)
  • 8" Degree Bar
  • Ball-Joint with Broached Stud (2ea)
  • Knurled Jam-Nut (2ea)
  • Thumb Screw (2ea)
  • 8" Guide Rod (2ea)