Edge Refinement Kit 1 - Working Edge

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This kit includes a set of the 800/1000 grit diamond stones and a set of the 1500/2200 grit diamond stones which are designed to be used after our 600 grit diamond stones. The abrasives in this kit will dramatically increase the sharpness of your knives by further refining their edges for superior cutting performance during any daily cutting tasks.

This kit also prepares your edges for further refinement as these stones open up a world of sharpness that most people have never experienced before. If you’re looking to go even further to a highly polished edge or to begin exploring the maximum sharpness your knives are capable of, you’ll need this kit to prepare your blades for the next step. After this kit, we recommend using our Edge Refinement Kit 2 - Polished Edge.

NOTE: The items in this kit are designed to be used directly after our 600 grit diamond stones.