Edge Refinement Kit 2 - Polished Edge


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The Edge Refinement Kit 2 is designed to be used after our Edge Refinement Kit 1. This kit includes a set of the 3000 Grit Diamond Stones paired with a Glass Platen. A sheet of the 3 Micron Diamond Lapping Film, to be used on the Glass Platen, and a set of the 1/0.5 Micron Diamond Paste with Leather Strops.

In addition to looking great, a polished edge excels at any type of push cutting tasks like chopping, carving and shaving. Kitchen knives like carving knives, chefs knives and paring knives will really benefit from a polished finish and make those cutting tasks easier and more enjoyable. In the shop, a high polish is important for wood carving, wood turning, chisels and plane blades.

NOTE: The items in this kit are designed to be used directly after the abrasives in our Edge Refinement Kit 1 - Working Edge

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