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The Wicked Edge GO is a precision engineered, manual sharpening machine. It holds the angle while both sides of knife are sharpened at the same time, creating a perfectly shaped edge. It's made from high quality, aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. The GO is designed to be portable and can be used anywhere.  

The Standard Bag option will fit the Wicked Edge GO plus one set of stones inside the base of the sharpener. For more storage space, choose the Deluxe Bag option which has slots for two additional sets of Wicked Edge stones or strops. 

2017 Accessory of the Year - Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair

  • Features
  • Details
  • Compatibility
    • Made in the USA
    • Lightweight and portable - easy to store and use in small spaces
    • Sharpens a wide assortment of knives
    • Ability to adjust angles independently for asymmetrical grinds
    • Vise is operated with an included Allen Wrench
    • Easy C-clamp mounting to any relatively flat surface
    • Includes Medium Coarse 200 Grit / Fine 600 Grit Diamond Stones Pack
    • Includes a storage bag for compact storage and travel
    • Optional Deluxe Bag has slots for two additional sets of Stones or Strops
    • Can sharpen blades up to 15” long
    • Can clamp blades up to 1/4” thick with included vise screws (longer screws may be used to enable clamping of even thicker blades)
    • Angle range: 15-30 degrees per side (30-60 degrees inclusive)
    • Angle adjustment in 1 degree increments
    • Sharpener's angle markings are calibrated for knife's edge at 5/8" over top of vise
    • Minimum knife height for stones to clear vise at lowest angle is 5/8" over top of vise. Low Angle Adapter (sold separately) required to reach low angles on smaller knives
    • Guide rod length: 8”
    • Product weight: 4.2 LBS
    • Packaged dimensions: 14” x 4.5” x 4”
  • The Wicked Edge GO is compatible with the following items:

    • All Wicked Edge sharpening stones and strops
    • Low Angle Adapter
    • Scissor Attachment
    • Chisel Attachment
    • Advanced Alignment Guide
    • Safety Shields
    • 10" and 12" Guide Rods

    The GO is not compatible with the following items:

    • Hardware Upgrade Kits, including the Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise
    • Hard Carrying Cases
    • Granite, Aluminum, and Paperstone Bases

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