A Wicked Edge protects, maintains, and gives your blades the ultimate edge.

Each of your knives has a story and Wicked Edge ensures those stories are told, whether they're Damascus, ceramic, high-carbon, or stainless.
You care about your knives, now it's time to care how you sharpen them.

Our Collectors Must Haves

Generation 4 Pro

Our fastest and easiest to use sharpener, the Generation 4 Pro is our flagship model. By allowing you to quickly clamp, set your angle, sharpen, and move on, you can maintain all of the blades in your collection quickly and consistently.

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Edge Kit IV

The Edge Kit IV includes a full progression from our coarsest grit up to our finest stropping compounds. With 7 possible edge finishes, you'll be able to match the perfect progression to every blade in your collection.

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Advanced Alignment Guide

The Advanced Alignment Guide allows you to record the positioning of every knife in your collection. This means less metal removal, a longer life for your blade, and 30-second touch-ups.

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