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What Are People Saying?

"WOW, OUTSTANDING! Your customer service is unbelievable. Thank you so much for a quick response and making this situation a win for all!!!"

"This is the first time I was able to achieve a mirrored polish on any knife!"

"Your system has made my [custom knives] pop at all the shows. Everyone is incredibly impressed by the edge I can put on them. Thank you."

"Many thanks for your excellent aftercare, as accurate as the sharpness that can be achieved when using your instruments!"

"Thank you for working through this with me. Wicked Edge’s response was WAY more than I expected."

"The thought and detail that went into this product is truly amazing. I'll be selling my other sharpening systems for sure!"

How Does it Work?

Wicked Edge combines over 15 years of experience, revolutionary design, and customer focus to bring you the sharpest results, time and again.

Easy, Secure Clamping

Wicked Edge technology starts with the vise. Designed and engineered with aerospace technology, the rock-solid, versatile clamping ability allows you to secure every blade you own.

Guided Angle Adjustments

Precise angle markings let you sharpen from 13 - 35 degrees and beyond. Match your factory angles, reprofile to your desired angle, or go asymmetrical. Wicked Edge gives you the freedom to set the angle that works best for your blade.


Wicked Edge sharpeners are the only sharpeners designed for repeatability. With recordable depth, angle, and position settings, Wicked Edge offers the fastest touch-ups, the sharpest edges, and the longest lives for all your knives.

Sharpen Both Sides Simultaneously

Our patented, dual-sided sharpeners don't work harden your blade. What does that mean? It means a Wicked Edge doesn't weaken your blades edge like singled sided systems, resulting in less rolling, chipping, and greater durability.

Diamond Stones

Wicked Edge Diamond Stones last up to 600 sharpening sessions, even when sharpening the hardest metals. Whether you're going for a tough, working edge or mirror polish, Wicked Edge has your back.

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