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A Wicked Edge makes prep easy and keeps food fresher, longer.

Whether you're dicing, chopping, or fileting, a sharp knife is a safe knife, saving you time, money, and stitches.
A Wicked Edge won't earn you a Michelin Star, but it will make you feel like a master chef.

Our Kitchen Must Haves

Obsidian - WE66

The WE66 Obsidian looks sleek in any kitchen and is small enough to easily be put away when not in use. The DualCam© Vise securely clamps fully-flat ground blades, found on most kitchen knives, and features the unique Micro Angle-Drive© allowing you to select the perfect angle. The independent side angle adjustments are perfect for a-symmetrical grinds often found on Japanese blades.

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Edge Kit I

Edge Kit I produces the perfect finish for your kitchen blades. Your edge will be refined enough for super hard, high-carbon steel blades but toothy enough to easily julienne any tough vegetable.

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Low Angle & Small Knife Kit

The Low Angle & Small Knife Kit provides everything you'll need to put a Wicked sharp edge on your Japanese kitchen knives. Longer Guide Rods ensure you're able to reach the entire edge while the Digital Angle Gauge keeps your angles calibrated.

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