Advanced Alignment Guide

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The Advanced Alignment Guide provides measurable reference points for repeatable knife mounting. The grid allows a Wicked Edge user to be able to tilt a knife in the clamp to find the optimum knife positioning and record the setting so the mounting position can be repeated during the next sharpening session. This product is compatible with all Wicked Edge models.

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Customer Reviews

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Troy N.
Why is it so small

Hi guys, I've been happy with your products, until I received the AAG.
Why is it so small? Did I miss a larger size option when I ordered it?
I really expected it to be similar in length to your ABCDEF scale that came with my sharpener.
I guess I can use it for pocket knives.
Maybe could scale it up to match the ABCDEF scale, then it'd be useful!

Hi Troy!
Thank you for your feedback. I'm going to send this ahead to our product development team for their review. A quick note about how you have that Chef's knife clamped: your blade is clamped too far back and you'll widen the bevel at the tip. Clamp the blade closer to the tip, right where the edge starts to drop down towards the tip (the belly of the blade). This way you'll not only be in the sweet spot but the Alignment Guide will also be ablet to catch the postioning of the blade and allow for repetable placement.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at


The best

Quality Check

I’m a little disappointed by the appearance of a lack of quality check. Some of the lines and markings are already faded or missing. Doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence for the longevity of the product. Shame, considering I think they make a great sharpening system.

Hello Victor,
Thank you for your review and the heads-up. We haven't had any similar comments, so hopefully it's a one-off issue but we'll keep an eye on them. Your Advanced Alignment Guide is covered under warranty and we'd be happy to replace it, we just need you to open a ticket about it at and we can get you taken care of.

David S.
Easily Worth $8

I have had this alignment tool for 7 months and find it to be very useful. It gives you horizontal and vertical coordinates for the mounting position of your blades. This enables very accurate and repeatable mounting of your knife so that you don't have to waste time and blade steel when re-sharpening the knife for the second or tenth time with your Wicked Edge. If I were to suggest any improvements over the current design, I would ask for the tool to be longer to accommodate extra long blades and I would ask that it be altered so that it can lay flat against the vice jaws more easily. For $8, it is a good value. I recommend it to any Wicked Edge user.