Edge Kit II

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Include 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones?: Include 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones

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The Edge Kit II was specifically designed for knife makers and sharpening services. The super coarse 50/80 Grit Diamond Stones make quick work of reprofiling damaged or severely dulled edges. With several finishing points in this progression, you'll be able to match the perfect edge to the blade, whether it's a toothy working edge or a beautiful pop of shine. 

The 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones are a necessary step in this progression. You will need these Diamond Stones to produce the best results.


  • 50/80 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea) (Optional)
  • 1500 Grit Diamond Stone & Blank Glass Platens (2 ea)
  • 6 Micron Diamond Lapping Film

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