Outdoor Enthusiast

A Wicked Edge ensures you're always ready, no matter what nature throws at you.

Whether you're into camping, hunting, bushcraft, or simply enjoying the outdoors, a sharp knife is a necessary tool.
It won't prevent you from getting rained out, but it will ensure you don't have to worry about your knife performing the way you need it to, when you need it to.

Our Outdoor Must Haves

Wicked Edge GO - WE60

The GO - WE60 is lightweight and portable, making it an easy addition to your pack. The Standard Vise allows you to easily clamp even the thickest of blades. Tough, durable, and low maintenance, the GO - WE60 keeps your knife working in even the most challenging of environments.

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800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones

Toothy, hard working edges are required when working with mother nature. These 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones make any task you're facing easy and stress free.

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4/2 Micron Diamond Emulsion Strop Pack

Durability is the name of the game when you're in the field. The 4/2 Micron Diamond Emulsion Strop Pack ensures your knife will easily cut any material and keeps performing, use after use.

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