Knife Makers

A Wicked Edge gives your creation its final touch, whether you want a tough working edge or a high polish.

You work hard to craft your blades. Whether forged or working from a blank, each knife deserves a Wicked Edge.
Let us help you show off your blades and make everyone who sees them stop in their tracks.

Knife Maker Must Haves

Generation 4 Pro

The Generation 4 Pro is our fastest and easiest to use sharpener available. Designed for heavy usage, you'll be able to put the perfect edge on each of your creations.

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Edge Kit II

The Edge Kit II comes with everything you'll need to get you from point a to point b with your blades. The 50/80 Grit Diamond Stones make quick work for reshaping and finalizing the bevel's angle with a full progression up to the 6 Micron Lapping Films for a gorgeous pop of shine that's sure to make whoever sees your work stop and stare.

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