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Professional Sharpening Tools for Knife Makers from Wicked Edge

As a knife maker, one of your most important tools is your knife sharpener. But if you use a traditional knife sharpening method, you may not be getting the razor-thin edge that you need. Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpeners is your answer.


The Wicked Edge Difference

Wicked Edge sharpeners use patented technology that grips knives tightly so they won’t move throughout the sharpening process. Our Professional Series includes an automatic degree adjustment lever and free floating vice jaws that will form to any blade, giving you superior clamping power. That helps you achieve the perfect sharpening angle for any type of knife and type of steel. The Professional Series sharpener was designed for speed and precision, so you can edge an entire batch of knives in short amount of time. One of the first things a person does when they are looking to purchase a knife is test the edge. With a Wicked Edge Sharpener, your edges will stand out in a crowd.Industrial sharpener

The sharpening arms make it simple to achieve the perfect sharpening motion because you control the stones, not the knife. The progressive diamond sharpening stones help you create the sharp cutting edge you want.

Benefits of Wicked Edge Sharpeners

Unlike powered belts, grinding wheels and paper wheels, Wicked Edge knife sharpeners provide a number of benefits for knife makers:

  • They provide the ability to create exceptionally sharp edges that are perfectly shaped and finished.
  • They are quick and simple to use.
  • They provide exceptional results every time.

Wicked Edge sharpener will quickly become one of the tools you can’t live without to help you produce top-of-the-line knives.

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Wicked Edge Precisions Knife Sharpeners provide unmatched sharpening ability for knife makers of all abilities. When you need exceptional technology and resources for your exceptional product, contact Wicked Edge for a sharper edge than you imagined possible.

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