Knife Makers

A Wicked Edge gives your creation its final touch, whether you want a tough working edge or a high polish.

You work hard to craft your blades. Whether forged or working from a blank, each knife deserves a Wicked Edge.
Let us help you show off your blades and make everyone who sees them stop in their tracks.

Knife Maker Must Haves

Pro-Pack II

The Pro-Pack II includes the WE120 Sharpener, the most versatile sharpener we make. Whether you're crafting super thick blades, small pocket knives, or anything in-between, the WEI20 can handle it. With abrasives and polishing options, any finish you imagine for your knives is within your reach.

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50/80 Grit Diamond Stones

Putting the final bevel on your blades doesn't have to be a chore. Using our 50/80 Grit Diamond Stones is the first step to ensure your edges are consistent and the blade performs the way you envision.

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