The best knife sharpener in the world just got better


We're excited to present the
Generation 4 Pro sharpener. This model represents an evolutionary leap from the
respected Generation 3 Pro, providing an array of enhanced features for a
superior user experience.

What's Included?

  • 100/200, 400/600, 800/1000 Grit monocrystalline Diamond Stones. What does that mean? It means these Diamond Stones will last you up to 700 sharpening sessions and produce industry leading results.
  • Your choice of features that fit your life and sharpening needs. Why settle when you can build the sharpener that will perform for a lifetime?
  • Wicked Edge Lifetime Warranty. Our products aren't cheap because we don't build cheap. We stand behind our products and want to make sure they stand for you time and time again.
  • The first 200 Generation 4 Sharpeners will come with a FREE Hard Case valued at $250. Why? Because we think this sharpener is pretty awesome.

Speed, Ease, & Convenience

Dual-sided angle settings allow you to quickly set your angle and get to sharpening. With super smooth movement, the angles lock in securely and ensure beautiful, even bevels for exceptional cutting performance.

Customizable Options

You can customize your knife, your car, your computer... why not your sharpener? We're introducing 4 options that allow you to create your own sharpener. Micro-Adjusts and Stone Storage are optional and your choice to add or skip.

Newest Blade Clamping Technology

The Generation 4 Pro utilizes the DualCam© Vise which provides the strongest, most secure clamping experience on the market. Self-tensioning cams means that each knife is clamped with exactly the right amount of force, keeping it rock steady in the jaws. With built-in indexing tools, you can create repeatable, consistent results for the sharpest knife possible.

Patented dual-sided sharpening

Sharpening both sides of the knife simultaneously means faster, sharper, more durable results. If you're serious about your knives, it's time to get serious about your sharpener. Spend less time flipping your blade around and more time doing what you love.