New Edge Kits designed to meet your sharpening needs


What are the new Edge Kits?

Getting the perfect finish for your blades has never been easier or simpler. We've designed our Edge Kits so you can choose your sharpener and choose which kit you want added on!

Looking for a toothy, working edge for your EDC, we have an Edge Kit for that. Are you using mostly hunting and outdoor blades, we've also built an Edge Kit for that. Just want to put a polished edge on all your show pieces? We've got an Edge Kit for that too.

Already have a sharpener but still want a full assortment of accessories? No worries. Edge Kits can now be purchased separately from a sharpener.

However you use your blades, we have the perfect finish for you.

Available Soon!

Ultimate Edge

This is for the individual who wants the ultimate one-stop shop for their abrasives and wants to ensure they're getting the best line-up Wicked Edge offers. If you're sharpening straight razors, chasing a perfect mirrored edge, or just want the absolute best, this is the kit for you.

Knife Makers & Sharpening Services

You see knives in every condition. Whether it's fresh out of the forge or one that has been beat to hell by your buddy, you need to be able to give it a Wicked Edge.

With our super coarse 50/80 Diamond Stones that allow you to quickly reprofile and set your bevels perfectly, up to a beautiful polish, any knife you need to sharpen will come out exactly how you need.

Perfect Polish

We get it. That mirrored edge is a thing of beauty. Luckily, we have an Edge Kit for that.

With the correct combination of Diamond Stones and Lapping Films, you'll be able to have a gorgeous pop of shine that still performs the way you expect for a Wicked Edge.