Wicked Edge Cam-Lock Vise

Knife Clamping - Made Easier

The patented Cam-Lock Vise is the latest knife clamping technology from Wicked Edge. It's ideal for accommodating a wide variety of knife grinds, including fully-flat and hollow ground blades. The Split Jaw Design of the vise allows the jaws to flex so they can firmly grasp distally tapered blades, like many everyday-carry pocket knives and many kitchen knives. This vise is much easier to use than the standard Wicked Edge vise. It's lever-actuated, for very fast knife-mounting, and does not require the use of an Allen key. 

The Cam-Lock Vise's jaws free-float on pins, so as you clamp a knife both jaws will move simultaneously and the jaws will form around the blade. This keeps the knife perfectly centered.  

The Cam-Lock Vise includes tension adjustment control, so you can give the vise more or less clamping power, depending on the thickness of your knife. 

Most Wicked Edge Upgrade Kits that include the Cam-Lock Vise also include 10" guide rods and an 11.5" degree bar. These items are included because the Cam-Lock Vise is taller than the standard vise, which changes the angle calibrations and requires longer guide rods. 

To determine which upgrade kit is compatible for your sharpener, visit the Upgrade Selection Guide.

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The maximum clamping capacity of the Cam-Lock Vise is 3/16". However, there is an attachment sold separately which will allow it to clamp blades up to 1/4" thick: Generation 3 Jaws for 1/4" Blades

All Wicked Edge attachments and adapters, including the Scissor Attachment, Chisel Attachment, and Low Angle Adapter, are compatible with the Cam-Lock Vise.

Due to this vise's height, the only Wicked Edge Carrying Case that's compatible is the Hard Carrying Case with Wheels and Retractable Handle

Due to the Cam-Lock Vise's height, the Knife Brace that's included with the WE100 and WE120 model sharpeners will no longer function when this vise is installed.