Blade Stabilizer

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The Blade Stabilizer is a two-in-one tool, perfect for long, flexible blades such as filet knives, as well as blades that have a severe distal taper, such as Spydercos.

The Blade Stabilizer portion can be positioned to align with flexible blades up to 12" long. If your blade is longer, two Blade Stabilizers can be used on each side of the vise.

The Blade Stabilizer portion can also be removed, leaving you with just the blade stop, removing the risk of your blade slipping down in the vise while ensuring consistent results. Simply flip the blade stop between the jaws, rest the spine of your knife on the blade stop, and close your vise normally. The blade stop can be kept in your sharpener, allowing you to use it whenever needed. 

The Blade Stabilizer can secure blades up to 3/16" thick. 

The Blade Stabilizer is not compatible with the Standard Vise found on the GO-WE60.


  • Blade Stabilizer with blade stop
  • 5/64" Allen wrench
  • 9/64" Allen wrench

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