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Made in the USA, the Generation 3 Pro Sharpener is our premier sharpener and definite must if you are sharpening a large volume of knives, run a sharpening service or want a sharpener with the simplest set up and the newest hardware. It is feature rich and makes sharpening, touch-ups and repairs a quick and easy task for any user.

The one-step angle adjustment, ranging from 14 to 27 degrees, allows the user to change the sharpening angle simultaneously on both sides of the knife which makes the process of sharpening a knife with the Generation 3 Pro model faster and simpler than our other consumer models.

The free-floating, Cam-Lock Vise Jaw design allows for one handed, secure clamping of knives including fully flat ground blades and it features a tension adjustment which lets the user choose the appropriate tension for varying thicknesses of knives. The maximum blade thickness accepted by the Generation 3 Pro is 3/16” but jaws for 1/4” thick blades are available for this model. A self-centering vise jaw helps create a symmetrical angle on both sides of your knife while you sharpen.

Mounted on a sturdy base that includes storage shelves for 6 of your most used abrasive handles, The Generation 3 Pro Sharpener provides a great platform for stationary, at home use or in the professional work space. The sharpener comes with a hard, waterproof, shock resistant case for storage and transport of the sharpener with a variety of accessories.

  • Features
  • Details
  • Compatibility
    • Made in the USA
    • Sharpens a wide assortment of knives
    • Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise - one-step knife clamping requires no additional tools to operate
    • Rapid Angle Adjustment Mechanism - angle is changed on both sides of the sharpener simultaneously with the pull of a lever
    • Fastest and easiest to use of any Wicked Edge sharpener
    • Includes hard carrying case with custom foam insert
    • Includes Coarse 100 Grit / Medium Coarse 200 Grit Diamond Stones Pack
    • Includes Medium Fine 400 Grit / Fine 600 Grit Diamond Stones Pack
    • Includes Extra Fine 800 Grit / Ultra Fine 1000 Grit Diamond Stones Pack
    • Can sharpen blades up to 15" long
    • Angle Range: 13.5 to 27.5 Degrees (27 to 55 degrees inclusive)
    • Main angle adjustment in 0.50 degree increments, and micro-angle adjustment in 0.05 degree increments
    • Sharpener's angle markings are calibrated for knife's edge at 5/8" over top of vise
    • Minimum knife height for stones to clear vise at lowest angle is 5/8" over top of vise. Low Angle Adapter (sold separately) required to reach low angles on smaller knives
    • Max Clamping Width: 3/16" *Attachment for 1/4" Blades is available
    • Guide Rod Length: 8"
    • Case Inside Dimensions: 18.25" x 13" x 6.5"
    • Case Outside Dimensions: 19.75" x 16" x 7.5"
    • Product Weight: 26 LBS
  • The Generation 3 Pro is compatible with the following items:

    • All Wicked Edge sharpening stones and strops
    • Low Angle Adapter
    • Generation 3 Jaws for 1/4" Blades
    • Scissor Attachment
    • Chisel Attachment
    • Optional Shelf for Generation 3 Pro Sharpener
    • Advanced Alignment Guide
    • Safety Shields
    • 10" and 12" Guide Rods
    • Depth Key

    The Generation 3 Pro is not compatible with the following items:

    • Vise Key
    • Hard Carrying Case
    • Hard Carrying Case with Wheels and Retractable Handle
    • Granite and Aluminum Bases
    • Hardware Upgrade Kits
      Note: Upgrade kits are not needed. The Generation 3 Pro includes fully upgraded hardware

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