Knife Tips for Cutting Vegetables

Knife Tips For Cutting Vegetables

  • Tough skinned vegetables are easier to cut if your knife has a slightly toothy edge. We recommend finishing your knife somewhere between 1000-2200 grit. Slice or chop these foods or do a hybrid motion by chopping down and then sliding the knife either back or forward to finish the cut.

  • Soft foods like mushrooms are easiest to cut when your knife has a very shallow angle. Try something around 15-16 degrees. A smooth slice cut works well on mushrooms.

  • Woody vegetables like asparagus are best cut by chopping and the knife performs best if it’s got a decent polish but can still do well if there are small micro-teeth left by a 1000-3000 grit finish

  • The kind of cutting board you use can help improve your edge retention. Wooden, end grain cutting boards are more gentle on keen edges, helping them last longer.

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