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Which Pro-Pack is Right for You?

Which Pro-Pack is Right for You?
Which Pro-Pack is right for you? The Pro-Packs are conveniently bundled sets of sharpeners and accessories that will allow you to put different types of finishes on your blades. One isn't necessarily better than the others but one might fit your use case better than the others.
The Pro-Pack I is built around our WE100 model sharpener and comes with a variety of diamond abrasives from 100 grit up to 1000 grit. It's designed to give you a toothy working edge. This pack is also going to come with some leather strops and stropping compounds to make that edge more durable. It's a great option for anybody using their knives on a daily basis for hunting and fishing, prepping food in the kitchen or everyday carry tasks.
The Pro-Pack II is built around our WE120 model sharpener which is our most versatile sharpener. It has the widest angle range and allows you to clamp the widest variety of blades. This pack is going to include the same variety of diamond abrasives as the Pro-Pack I, allowing you to stop off at that toothy working edge and then take it a step further in refining that edge a little bit more going up to 2200 grit. It also includes a set of leather strops and stropping compounds, again to help refine and make that edge more durable. In this pack we include more indexing tools to help you chase a more precise, refined edge. The Pro-Pack II is perfect for your everyday use knives but is also going to allow you to put more of a polished, mirrored finish on your heavy working kitchen blades or a really nicely polished looking edge on your collector knives.
Pro-Pack II
The Pro-Pack III is built around our WE130 model sharpener and utilizes the Cam-Lock Vise. This increases usability and is meant for high volume users. It's going to include the same array of diamond abrasives as the Pro-Pack II, allowing you to stop off at the toothy working edge of the Pro-Pack I, the slightly more refined edge of the Pro-Pack II and finishing with our 3000 grit diamond stones and glass platens which allow you to fix a diamond lapping film to them to create a fantastic mirrored finish. The Pro-Pack III also comes with a couple of adapters to allow you to clamp a wider variety of blades and the same indexing tools as the Pro-Pack II. This pack is designed with high volume users in mind. Those with large knife collections, sharpening services and professional chefs or avid home cooks will appreciate the Pro-pack III. It can also be a great option for those who are seeking a one-stop shopping experience for everything they might possibly need in one place at one time.
Regardless of which Pro-Pack you feel suits your needs the best, ALL of them will give you a wicked edge.

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